The best sunglasses for driving 2019

Do your eyes hurt from squinting while driving towards the sun?

Did you know that a lot of accidents happen every year because of the sun’s rays getting in your eyes?

Wearing sunglasses will surely help prevent the sunshine from damaging your eyes. However, did you know that not every pair of sunglasses should be used for driving?

Try to avoid

Many sunglasses are designed with fashion in mind, but not function.

If you are going to sit behind the wheel and drive, you may want to avoid glasses that:

  • are loose and may fall down when you make the slowest move,
  • have lenses that don’t cover your eyes from either the top or side,
  • are poorly adjusted near the nose and may cause pain,
  • are made from heavy materials,
  • have lenses that don’t provide adequate protection

Glasses suitable for driving

When choosing a pair of sunglasses for driving, you will want to reduce glare and ensure the perfect amount of visibility. Polarized sunglasses for driving are the perfect style to go for, as they reduce glare, which is a major advantage over standard sunglasses. However, there are a couple other features you may want to keep in mind when buying them:

  • UV Protection

The main purpose of getting any kind of sunglasses is to block UV rays. Consider the degree of protection and the type.

  • Materials

Both frames and lenses have different requirements. However, they have an impact on comfort, strength, and functionality. The lighter the material, the greater the comfort, but the lighter the material, the lower the durability.

  • Frames

Nowadays, you can have frames made out of almost anything. However, usually, we choose between stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and synthetics.

  • Lens

The material you choose for your lens will determine overall comfort, durability, and function. You can choose between glass, polycarbonate, nylon, and SR-91.

Some of the best sunglasses for driving cars:



Maui Jim Peahi


Serengeti Velocity


Ray-Ban RB3183


Oakley Holbrook


ATTCL Aviator