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Optilook Windows

Planning on building a house or renovating an old one depends on a lot of hard work and processes that we choose. Even if you are on a budget, you still want to implement high-quality products.

High-quality products at affordable prices are hard to find. However, Sunlux Ltd offers a new solution in the form of Optilight, which can guarantee both.

Optilight windows Intro

Optilight is a brand that supplies roof windows and staircases. The company offers these products that provide a very high standard for affordable prices, guaranteeing high-quality. What more is there to ask for?


Optilight windowsOptilight windows are mainly pitched roof windows with great features like: smart designs, glazing options, and integrated flashings. The windows rotate within 180 degrees and both the frame material and internal finish is made of pinewood. Because they’re meant to be installed at heights, they also have impressive thermal insulation.


Optilook WindowsWindows and staircases are not where the offer ends, however – they also provide skylights. Optilook is the name of their skylight window`s brand. These windows are intended solely for uninhabited rooms. They provide easy access to the roof, as well as lighting solutions for the space. For safety reasons, they usually have a top-hung structure to enable fire escapes.


Optistep windowsAt Sunlux, you can find loft ladders under the brand name Optisteps where you can buy wooden ladders. These ladders provide quick and easy access to lofts. Good quality wood is available at an affordable price. Choosing this ladder, you can hide it in the ceiling providing more floor space in the room.